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Iniva Bronze Sculpture Samburu Girls


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In Burkina Faso, as is the case across most of the African continent, bronze statues are created through a technique called lost-wax casting. This ancient technique, involving a number of steps, allows craftsmen to create extremely refined pieces. First, an initial mold is created, sculpted out of beeswax. This mold is then carefully coated with earth. Once the earth has thoroughly dried, the mold is placed in embers to heat up. At this point, the wax melts and flows out through smalls gaps created for this purpose. The next step is to replace the wax with melted bronze that has been prepared in a crucible. Finally, once the bronze has cooled, the earth mold is broken and the rough bronze statue is set free. All that is left is to polish and file the statue to obtain the final product.

  • Made in Burkina Faso.
  • 100% Bronze. 
  • Unique Piece. 
  • Certified Authentic.

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